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2023 Green Man Festival Video and Photos

This year’s Greenbelt Green Man Festival was a huge hit, thanks in large part to these intrepid organizers, from left: Tim Sauerwein, Raven Eyes Cagle, Dorian Winterfeld and Amethyst Dwyer. We thank them!!

Entertainment Highlights Video

Like the festival itself, this highlights video was a collaboration. (A two-day festival edited down to 4 minutes? It took a village!) The names of everyone who made the festival and the video possible scroll by at the very end – so wait for it!

More Favorite Photos

Selected photos by me, Katy Gaughan, Raven Eyes Cagle and others in the Green Man Festival organizing team.


During Community Drumming with Katy Gaughan.

Dorian Winterfeld and Katy Gaughan, between two masked performers.


Did you know the festival had a green room? Musicians hung out in this nice tented space next to the stage, with snacks. The “room” was created and decorated by Amethyst Dwyer.Even a green monster needs a break, right?.

A Few Vendors


Congratulations to everyone who made the festival such a success!

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