Greenbelt Online is an independent, 501c3 publication with a big mission:

  • To create and promote resources and stories that enrich the lives of Greenbelt’s residents.
  • To promote organizations, businesses and artists of all kinds located in Greenbelt and to help connect them with each other.
  • To showcase Greenbelt’s unique history, culture and natural resources for visitors and potential residents.

What’s on Greenbelt Online

Who We Are

Greenbelt Online’s editorial team, responsible for its content and policies, is composed of Susan Harris, Shaymar Higgs, Jeff Lemieux and Julie Winters. The website continues to be improved and maintained by Tanya Amaya and her team at Analytic Design.

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Greenbelt Online Policies

We encourage Greenbelters to share their stories and opinions on the Greenbelt Online Blog. The editorial team will help with editing, layout and illustrations. Blog posts must be about Greenbelt, or day trips for Greenbelters. Authors, who may live anywhere, must:

  • Abide by copyright law.
  • Strive for accuracy and make corrections when needed.
  • Use family-friendly language. (This applies to comments, too.)
  • Be respectful and constructive in any criticism.
  • Be transparent as to their identity.

Greenbelt Online Income and Expenses

The new Greenbelt Business Directory and Greenbelt Art Directory being launched in the spring of 2019 with charge just $20 for artists to be listed (a charge we hope will be one-time-only) and $50 a year for businesses. (There is no fee for Greenbelt’s nonprofits to be listed on the Community Directory.) Rates for advertising will also be posted soon. In addition, we’re exploring grants, and a page for making donations is coming soon.

On the expense side, the only unavoidable expenses are for hosting, site development and maintenance. After paying those essentials we’ll use funds to promote the site and especially the Business and Arts Directories through advertising in the Greenbelt News Review and beyond. Next, we hope to host networking events for Greenbelt businesses and creative people, and also award prizes to winners of student writing contests.

History of Greenbelt’s Community Websites: Greenbelt.com, 1996-2006

Way back in 1996, Greenbelt welcomed its first community website, Greenbelt.com, which served as a directory of all things Greenbelt and offered web space for local organizations and even private citizens. It also made email addresses available to member for a nominal fee, and over 100 people took advantage of that deal, with addresses like John@Greenbelt.com.

All those services were provided under the auspices of the Greenbelt Internet Access Cooperative, which sadly dissolved in 2006, after which the site was no longer updated. Lovers of Greenbelt history are pleased that the site remains online, however, and continues to provide email accounts to a few of its former members.

More History: Greenbelt Online Launched in 2017

In early 2016, Greenbelt MakerSpace founder George Boyce called a meeting to discuss Greenbelt’s need for a community website and other digital services. That’s where web developer Tanya Amaya and Greenbelt blogger Susan Harris met and volunteered to create a bigger, better website to serve the city.

Greenbelt Online launched on January 1, 2017 in beta (with Business and Arts Directories in development). Greenbelt Online is incorporated in Maryland and was granted 501c3 nonprofit status by the IRS.

Get Involved!

  • Write for the Greenbelt Online Blog, just once or more often. The editorial team will help with editing, illustrating and layout for the web, and you’ll have a link to your article to share and put on your portfolio..
  • Tell us if your organization is missing from the Community Directory, or if the link is bad. Help make the site all-inclusive and error-free!
  • Help promote Greenbelt Online (and therefore Greenbelt itself).
  • What else? We’re excited to hear your ideas.

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Greenbelt Online has been partly financed through a Rocket Grant from Maryland Milestones/ATHA Inc. and the contents and opinions do not necessarily reflect the organization’s view or policies.