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Apartment Choices in Old Greenbelt

Old Greenbelt is surprisingly affordable, especially its historic housing cooperative (GHI). If you can’t swing the required 10 percent down payment, are priced out of the single-family homes in Old Greenbelt, or just aren’t ready to buy, renting is still a great option for living close to all the action (Roosevelt Center, the Aquatic and Fitness Center, Community Center, the library, Old Greenbelt Theatre, grocery – all an easy walk from most of these apartments).

Tips for apartment-shoppers in Old Greenbelt

  • Information on this page about rents, pets etc. may have changed, so call and check.
  • If something opens up, try to see it that day and be ready to put the deposit down.
  • The most coveted apartments (for non-pet owners) are the Parkway Apartments owned and operated by the GHI because it’s helpful if you plan on buying some day.

Apartments in Old Greenbelt (starting at the west end of town, across from the library)

Lawrence Apartments in Old Greenbelt

Lawrence Apartments: 301-864-3200. Address: 12-26 Crescent Road, across from the Greenbelt Library and Community Center. Check also on Apartment Finder.

1BR starts at $1175 (as of 7/2018), plus a charge for storage space in the basement. Pets allowed with pet deposits and pet rent.

Greenbelt Park Apartments

Greenbelt Park Apartments

Greenbelt Park: 301-474-3155. Address: 28-40 Crescent Road., corner of Crescent and Southway. Also check listing on Apartment Living..1BRs from $1,200 (as of 7/2018). Managed by Strathcona Apartments. No pets.

Crescent Square Apartments

Crescent Square Apartments Greenbelt

Crescent Square Apartments:301-982-4636. Address: 42-54 Crescent Road, corner of Crescent and Gardenway, across from the Sunoco..One BR starts at $1,000 (as of 7/2018). No pet policy on their website.

Comments by renters: Lowest rent, updated “enough,” but some reports of slow maintenance..

Park Crescent Apartments Greenbelt

Parke Crescent 877-650-0867. Address: 9 Parkway Road. Reportedly priced higher than others but rental rates are not shown on the website.

Jane Realty Apartments Greenbelt

Jane Realty Apartments Greenbelt

Jane Realty :301-474-4648. Address: 8, 10, 12 & 14 Parkway. Family-owned. Efficiencies only. Prices unavailable. Website not updated since 2012. .

Parkway Garden Apartments Greenbelt


Parkway Garden Apartments. 301-345-3535. Address: 2, 4, 6, 16, 18 and 22 Parkway. The manager is Paul Leeks. Pet policy – 1-2 cats allowed. No information as to rents on the website as of 7/2018.. A commenter wrote that it has a few 1 BR with open or enclosed porches but they’re rarely available.

Parkway Apartments Greenbelt

Parkway Apartments Greenbelt

Parkway Apartments. 301-474-4161. Address: 15,17,19,21,23,25 & 27 Parkway..Operated by the cooperative Greenbelt Development and Greenbelt Homes Inc  No pets. Efficiencies start at $770 and 1BR starts at $950 (as of 7/2018).  Sometimes a waiting list.

lakeside north apartments Greenbelt

Lakeside North Apartments. Address:  430 Ridge Road. 1BR rent is $1,220 (as of 7/2018)

Commenter wrote: I live in Lakeside North right now. Very well maintained, good management, safe area. Our rents have gone up at a rate of 2.2% per year, on the average.


Charlestowne North. 240-297-1985.Address: 8150 Lakecrest Drive.  2BR/2Bath are $1,885 (as of 7/2018). No other rents shown online.

A commenter wrote: Utilities included in rent (except cable/internet). Okay to have 2 dogs or cats (extra pet rent and deposit, weight limit for dogs). Basement storage available (extra fee), laundry on each floor but not in-unit. Mid-range price and amenities. Older concrete building means not too much noise transmission between floors, but the hall can be noisy. Two-pipe heating/cooling so the whole building switches from A/C to heat at the same time. Pros: quiet area next to lake; has enough parking; balconies. Cons: rent increases ~5% each year; maintenance comes out quickly but isn’t always that great at actually fixing things; if your neighbor smokes there will be smoke smell in your apartment through the hvac; basement storage room prone to water leaks.

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