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Best Snow Photos of Greenbelt, January 2019 Edition

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Roosevelt Center by Alexis Beavers

Here are Greenbelt Online’s 17 favorites from among the dozens of Greenbelt-in-the-Snow shots posted to two Facebook groups to document the 11 inches we got on January 13. The photos here depict the center of Old Greenbelt, as well as our natural assets like Greenbelt Lake and Forest Preserve.

All photos were selected from the Greenbelters and Photographs of Greenbelt Facebook groups. Photographers who prefer their shots not being shown here can let us know via email: gardenersusanATgmail.com.


Roosevelt Center by Bill Cornett


Madonna and Child in Roosevelt Center by John Campanile


Greenbelt Community Center by Rebeckah Sutfin


Near Greenbelt Community Center by Rebeckah Sutfin


Old Greenbelt pedestrian underpass by Brian Townsend


Old Greenbelt’s historic homes (now GHI) by Lyla Lawless


Somewhere in Old Greenbelt, by Linda Ivy


by Ken Loo. I couldn’t choose between these two.


Greenbelt Forest Preserve by Christopher Hawks


Greenbelt Lake – the Star of the Show

by Christopher Hawks


by Linda Ivy


by Cynthia B. Cummings


by Lin Orrin


by Nadia Adona


by Patti Stange


Seen along from the Greenbelt Lake path, by Diane SIegel

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