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Bill Edwards and Sea Chanters Coming to ERHS

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Page 1 of this week’s Greenbelt News Review features  a handsome young Navy man, one I barely recognized as a neighbor, thanks to that uniform. But thanks to this article, I learned that he’s Greenbelter and Musician 1st Class Bill Edwards, one of the stars of the Navy Band’s Sea Chanters, and they’ll be kicking off Greenbelt’s Labor Day Festival with a free performance at Eleanor Roosevelt High School on Thursday, September 1 from 7 to 8:30.

Then thanks to the Navy Band Channel on Youtube, it was easy to find these stunning examples of why we shouldn’t miss the concert.

Bill sings lead in “Over the Rainbow.”


Next he sings lead in “Baba Yetu.” Lyrics are the  Swahili translation of the Lord’s Prayer.


And here’s the “Selections from Jersey Boys” video, with over 3 million views on Youtube. Bill’s solo starts at 4:10 minutes. Great stuff!

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7 Responses

  1. Emily Frick
    | Reply

    Love Love Love watching ALL Navy videos…..great job!

  2. Heather Cantrell
    | Reply

    Please tell me if Bill Edwards and Master Chief rehearsed that beautiful rendition of Rag Doll. I have asked before and never received an answer. It was just so precious and so well done. Just love these Navy Sea Chanters.

  3. Carolyn Unger
    | Reply

    I have watched many videos of Bill Edwards, but I especially like the Jersey Boys where he is serenading “Master Chief.” She is just overwhelmed and thoroughly enjoying the attention and his singing is outstanding! I’ve recently found him in some videos of the Peacherine Ragtime Society. No matter what genre he sings, he does an outstanding job!

  4. Heather Cantrell
    | Reply

    Please can you tell me if Bill Edwards and the master chief that he dances with in song Rag Doll was rehearsed. They do it so well together, it is almost as if she was part of the show. These are the best singers in the world. Do his childen sing as well as he does.

  5. Janet Buckingham
    | Reply

    Love the video of Bill serenading ‘Master Chief’.

  6. Ann Mansfield
    | Reply

    I enjoy seeing Bill Edwards in the jersey boys and the motown music, I like it when he get’s the member of the audience to join in and dance and the rest of the side boys. Wish I was in the audience in other words wish they could come over to England.

  7. Karen C.
    | Reply

    Date: Nov. 2018
    In case you’re interested, MU1 Bill Edwards has been promoted to Chief recently which is certainly well- deserved and reflects his popularity and professionalism in all aspects of his Navy career.
    Well Done Bill! WE LOVE YOU!!

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