Where Greenbelt Performers Joe and Hillary Grow Cut Flowers

Remember the wedding of Hillary Gottemoeller and Joe Harris in Roosevelt Center back in 2015? Thought so! They’ll be returning to their wedding venue this Saturday, when they perform for the Crazy Quilt Festival, organized again by Joe. But this … Read More

Movie Review: La La Land

posted in: Arts/Entertainment

Now showing at the Old Greenbelt Theatre Stephen Hawking and theoretical physics tantalize us with an alternative universe in which Zayn is still a member of One Direction. In another—or maybe the same—universe, the outcome of the 8 November 2016 … Read More

Movie Review: “Loving”

posted in: Arts/Entertainment

Now playing at the Old Greenbelt Theatre. Review by Anna Socrates. Chief Justice Earl Warren presided over a Supreme Court that created seismic social shifts and changed the way we live. Landmark Warren Court decisions banned segregation in public schools … Read More

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