How At-Large Voting Causes Low Voter Turn-out and Less Representative Government

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I expect to hear lamentations about poor voting turn-out for this year’s City Council elections, but let’s be honest. With no real challenger, it’s to be expected. (The single challenger, Bill Orleans, has tried before and fared badly.) The only … Read More

Local Churches and the LGBTQ Community of Greenbelt

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LGBTQ people have struggled to find acceptance within major religions for centuries, but in Greenbelt, created during the New Deal as a solution for Depression-Era city slums, community members are fostering a more inclusive religious environment. Throughout the area, LGBTQ-affirming … Read More

Housing, Yes. FBI, No.

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by Jeff Lemieux The city of Greenbelt supports the proposed FBI development at the Greenbelt Metro station. Meanwhile, some Greenbelt residents have launched a vocal campaign in opposition to a proposed housing development in Greenbelt. I now think these priorities … Read More

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