The Birds of Greenbelt

by Jamie Jorgensen Greenbelt Online invited Jamie, (co-founder of Greenbelt Biota) to list for readers the most common birds seen in Greenbelt, plus where and when they can be seen. To further aid beginning and intermediate birders he recommends these … Read More

Where Greenbelt Performers Joe and Hillary Grow Cut Flowers

Remember the wedding of Hillary Gottemoeller and Joe Harris in Roosevelt Center back in 2015? Thought so! They’ll be returning to their wedding venue this Saturday, when they perform for the Crazy Quilt Festival, organized again by Joe. But this … Read More

Solar Farms in Greenbelt?

by Jeff Lemieux Several years ago, I wrote about trying to transform some of Greenbelt’s empty parking lots into usable space. Here’s an idea: what about community *solar farms? I have four locations in mind so far:  1) the southmost … Read More

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