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Comptroller Franchot Lauds New Deal Cafe and Beltway Plaza Hardware

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Maryland’s Comptroller Peter Franchot paid Greenbelt quite a visit last week – to show appreciation for two of our small businesses. Let’s start with the New Deal Cafe – because I had the chance to attend that event, snap photos and film some video of his and Mayor Jordan’s words of appreciation. The certificate reads:

In recognition of your unique member-owned, volunteer-run, not-for-profit cooperative that proudly showcases the community’s talented live performers and artisans. With special appreciation for your contributions to the City of Greenbelt, serving as the neighborhood’s living room, best wishes for continued growth, success and prosperity. Signed Peter Franchot, Comptroller

In the video you’ll hear Franchot declare his love for co-ops and his membership in the Takoma Park-Silver Spring Co-op. That’s no surprise, given that he lives a half block from that wonderful store, and has been helpful at several turns in its long history.

(Full disclosure, I know because I used to live close to that co-op myself, and to the Franchot family.)

Seen with Franchot in the video are: Greenbelt Mayor Emmett Jordan, Mayor Pro Tem Kristen Weaver, Council Members J Davis and Ric Gordon, plus Michael Hartman, Katy Gaughan and Dan Gillotte for the New Deal Cafe.

He’s Franchot in conversation with New Deal Cafe Board Member Katy Gaughan as Cafe President Michael Hartman looks on. What IS Katy saying to him???

Franchot’s other stop that day was Beltway Plaza Hardware. where he presented the owners with another certificate of appreciation.

Both are beloved small businesses and excellent choices!

The Gubernatorial Campaign is ON

You may know that Comptroller Franchot is running for Governor and that officeholders endorsing him (so far) include Greenbelt Mayor Emmett Jordan and Council Member Colin Byrd.

So does the campaign have anything to do with his visit to Greenbelt? Oh, probably, and that’s fine by me! I heard him mention to the New Deal folks his desire to help out financially and then direct his staff to follow up.

So I’m sure ALL Greenbelters join in welcoming Maryland’s Comptroller and inviting him to come back soon!

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