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Countdown to the Inauguration on Greenbelt’s Sidewalk

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Screen shot dated January 5, 2021

I was looking for some way to follow the countdown to the Inauguration, and found this one that will count down anything but was handily preset for January 20. I saved it to my phone’s home screen.

But then I saw the latest drawing by Greenbelt’s best known sidewalk artist, whose works I’ve been collecting in a post about thanking Greenbelt’s sidewalk artists. The number 52 didn’t ring any bells with me, but I knew where to look for answers – to the artist’s Greenbelt SIdewalk Chalk Instagram account. where I saw the word “countdown” and got it – d’oh! To the inauguration.

On Instagram is the best place to see the entire collection (so far) because each number is photographed with a different pair of shoes worn by the artist herself. The effect, as a friend responded when I sent her a photo of the collection, was “Adorable.”

Instagram photos of shoes with countdown to Inauguration.


Instagram photos of shoes with countdown to Inauguration.

Stop by the corner of Ridge Road and Gardenway Road sometime in the next 15 days to see the count, and while you’re there check out the political art piece that the nearby utility box has become. It also changes frequently.

Utility box in Greenbelt covered in political stickers

I’d been crediting the artist as “anonymous” but noticed an article about her in the November 19 issue of Greenbelt News Review, page 6. From now on she’s C.R.


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