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Day Trip to the Maryland State Fair

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Maryland State Fair sign

UPDATE for 2021: The Maryland State Fair,  just an hour up the road in Timonium is coming soon – August 26 through Labor Day, September 6. Here’s a report from the 2019 Fair.

Honestly, I’ve always attended the Montgomery County Fair and have only recently driven a bit farther to experience the Maryland State Fair. For its diversity of actual agricultural exhibits and events, the state fair is definitely worth the drive.

Extreme Dog Show at Maryland State Fair

There are the usual funnel cakes, surprisingly big rides, and an Extreme Dog Show that was a big hit with the crowd – and me. (The dogs seemed happy and loved. Wish I could assume the same for all the other animals at the fair.)

Judging cattle at Maryland State Fair Llamas at Maryland State Fair

Pig and piglets at Maryland State Fair

This poor sow was definitely not having fun time birthing at least 8 piglets, though the crowd was THRILLED!  Can you believe these guys are all between 1 and 20 minutes old and are already fighting over their favorite teat?

Vegetables at the Maryland State Fair

Other things you don’t see at a Labor Day Festival – produce contests…

Master Gardener garden at Maryland State Fair

…and a terrific demonstration garden, thanks to U. Maryland Extension and the Master Gardeners of Baltimore City and County. It’s the real reason I went to the fair this year, for a story about the Master Gardener who designed and manned this garden. (Now available here on GardenRant.)

Master Gardener garden at Maryland State Fair

Master Gardener garden at Maryland State Fair

Notice the chrysalis in the lower center-right?

Bottom line, agricultural fairs, no matter how big their rides may be, are NO competition for the amazing home-town festival that Greenbelt puts on every Labor Day weekend. Can’t wait!

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