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Don’t Miss the Greenbelt Lake Photo Exhibit at National Wildlife Center

Photo by Raven Eyes Cagle

Now you have even more reasons to visit the Patuxent Wildlife Refuge this winter – for the fabulous exhibit of photos taken around our beloved Greenbelt Lake, on display through February 28. Yesterday’s reception for the show and a chance to meet the photographers drew quite a crowd – kudos to organizer Graeme Simpson for such a successful show!

Thirteen of the photographers gathered for a group photo (under terrible lights!) during the reception. I spotted at least two Greenbelters – Raven Eyes Cagle second from left and Bill Cornett third from left.

This sunset is by Raven Eyes Cagle. I’ll fill in the other photographer names if I get them. My photos do not do them justice (obviously!) so do go see them for yourself.

  The opening reception also included a short, interesting talk about the lake by Greenbelt’s environmental coordinator Kevin Carpenter-Driscoll.

I even love the architecture of the Visitors Center of the National Wildlife Refuge in Laurel, where the photos are on display.

More about the Refuge, thanks to its Friends

Googling for more information about the Refugee, I finally came upon the best source – the Friends of Patuxent, and especially its meaty newsletter. Just look at the programs in the dead of winter!

Also included in the latest newsletter is the helpful map below. Old Greenbelt is in the lower left of this map of the entire Refuge. The Visitors Center is in the South Tract, so no more than a 15-minute drive for most of us.

It looks to me like a great group to be join and volunteer for, helping to further the refuge’s mission but also, becoming part of a local community of nature-lovers.

I was particularly impressed when I discovered what the group did during the worst of the pandemic, when all volunteer activities were shut down. They created Friends Connecting to Friends for sharing photos and stories about their activities outdoors, as a way for volunteers to stay connected with each other.

More about all Parts of the Refuge on this Blog

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  1. Annie Shaw
    | Reply

    I went today, Monday, not realizing the Visitors Center is open Tuesday-Saturday. The trails are open so the trip wasn’t wasted.

  2. Annie Shaw
    | Reply

    I went today, Monday, and while I could and did, walk the trails, the Center itself is open Tuesday-Saturday.

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