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Drumming and Story-Telling in Greenbelt National Park

We’re so lucky to have the wooded oasis that is the Greenbelt National Park right in our midst! And it’s open again for campers (after a great deal of storm damage last month, not to mention the pandemic before that). The park’s Campfire Program, located deep within the campgrounds, is proving to be quite popular. (Scroll down for directions.)

The two final events this season are story-telling events about Greenbelt’s Goatman and then Wild Turkeys (who knew?)

Last Saturday night the event was a Drum Circle with Greenbelt’s own Katy Gaughan. Attracting over 100 kids and adults, including an entire Boy Scout troop, it was a so fun!


Directions to the Campfire Circle – you’ll need them!

I know several very disappointed people who couldn’t find the campfire, so here’s help.

  • Soon after entering the park from Greenbelt Road, you’ll reach a T intersection – TURN RIGHT.
  • Go a couple of miles, until the road is blocked and you have to TURN RIGHT.
  • You’ll pass the Ranger Station on the right.
  • Drive by this entry booth, and immediately turn LEFT, following the sign below.
  • Take an immediate RIGHT to drive by the Campground Host.

  • Keep going through the campgrounds until you see the sign “Campfire Circle” on the right. Park and walk down to the fire.

Notice that the Greenbelt Road entrance is at the very top of the park and the Campfire Circle, labeled B here, is near the very bottom.


Volunteer Campground Hosts

Campground Hosts are living the life! Read about it here.

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