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Events Page is Up! Got Events or Dates to Add?

Collage of Greenbelt events

When I ask Greenbelters what information they’d like to see here on Greenbelt Online, the answer is almost always – a calendar of events. Repeatedly. Sometimes with urgency. Especially the festivals and other major events that people want to avoid when picking dates for THEIR events or travel.

So I started looking for examples of local event pages or calendars that seem successful – they’re actually filled with events, and are really useful. By that definition I found lots of near-misses and even outright failures, including some scantily populated calendars. Others include every single event, large or small, so the special ones don’t stand out. The few calendars I found that look great seem to require a lot of work, either for the event-organizers, who have to log in and create the listing for each event, or by someone paid to do all that work – and there’s no one in Greenbelt paid to do all that.

So what to do? I brainstormed with two outstanding event organizers – drumming facilitator Katy Gaughan and Amethyst Dwyer, the music booker for the New Deal Cafe, and here’s the “Events” page for Greenbelters that we’ve come up with. As explained there, Greenbelt Online now promotes events in three ways:

Events and Entertainment in the Next 10 Days

(If you subscribe to this blog you’re already receiving these event round-ups every Thursday.)

Subscribe here to receive “Going out in Greenbelt*” by email every Thursday. It lists events and entertainment in Greenbelt and nearby towns like College Park and Hyattsville. See current and previous ones here.(If you’re already a subscriber, you know what Going out in Greenbelt* looks like, and thanks for being a subscriber!

Regular Monthly Entertainment

Already, this list of regular monthly entertainment is amazing! What other small cities offer so much, so regularly? But what are we missing?

1st Mondays – Free Monday Matinee at the Old Greenbelt Theatre.

2nd and 4th Mondays – FREE Storytime on Screen at Old Greenbelt Theatre

3rd Mondays – Reel and Meal at the New Deal Cafe. Free screening and discussion

3rd Mondays – Stage on Screen at Old Greenbelt Theatre

1st Thursdays – Wolf’s Open Blues Jam at the New Deal Cafe

1st Saturday Drum Circle at the New Deal Cafe with Katy Gaughan

3rd Saturdays – Poetry Open Mic at New Deal Cafe, 1-3.

4th  Saturdays – Jazz Jam at the New Deal Cafe, 2-5 pm.

3rd Sundays – Stage on Screen at Old Greenbelt Theatre

Major Events in 2020 (so far)

Our festivals and other major events are even MORE amazing. What’s missing here? How about Greenbelt East and West?

April 11 at 10 am –  Easter Egg Hunt at Buddy Attick Park

May 2 – Eleanor Roosevelt High School Music & Art Festival in Roosevelt Center

May 9-10 – Greenman Festival in Roosevelt Center

June 13 – Crazy Quilt Festival in Roosevelt Center

September 3-7 Labor Day Festival,

September ? – Pooch Plunge at Aquatic Center

September 26 – Blues Festival in Roosevelt Center

October 10 – Jazz Festival in Roosevelt Center

October ? – Pumpkin Carving and Pumpkin Walk

Utopia Film Festival – in the fall

Dec 4 – Greenbelt Festival of Lights Tree Lighting in Roosevelt Center

Dec 5-6 Craft Show and Sale in Community Center

Major 2020 Events Nearby

What fun events should Greenbelters be alerted to in nearby towns, like College Park and Hyattsville? All in Prince George’s County, of course. We’re big users of the #princegeorgesproud hashtag.

Contact Us about Events

Email your event suggestions to editor@greenbeltonline.org.

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    it would be great to know how to submit an event to be posted on your site. Congratulations on getting this launched!!

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