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First Reel and Meal at the New New Deal Cafe

Here’s what the New Deal Cafe’s front room looked like just two weeks ago at the very beginning of the installation of its brand new kitchen.

New Deal Cafe during remodeling/rearranging


Despite potential chaos in the kitchen, not to mention making the front room ready for customers, the Cafe’s beloved monthly film series Reel and Meal didn’t skip a beat, going on last night under new restaurant management and carrying it off without an (apparent to me) hitch!

Chef Jeremy with Susan Barnett at New Deal Cafe


Susan Barnett, Reel and Meal organizer, with new Cafe cook Jeremy Ehrenreich. Jeremy’s well known to Greenbelters as the caterer for local events, including those at the Old Greenbelt Theatre and the Greenbelt Arts Center, and more I’m sure I’m unaware of.

Board and staff of New Deal Cafe for Reel and Meal event


Ready to serve the vegan buffet to a full-house crowd are, from left, New Deal Board president Michael Hartman, Operations Manager/Chef Rich Graystone, Board member Tom LeaMond, and Julio Portillo, a familiar and welcome face at the restaurant from his years working for Chef Karim.

Reel and Meal event at New Deal Cafe

Rich welcomes the crowd with Donna Hoffmeister, who organizes Reel and Meal events for the Prince George’s Peace and Justice Coalition.

The reel last night was “Requiem for the American Dream” starring Noam Chomsky. It was the perfect choice for this month – instructive, sobering, and ultimately pointing the way toward change.


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