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How to Go Car-Less in Greenbelt

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Up to date as of May 1, 2017. If you spot an error or have an something you’d like added, please describe it in a comment.

In compiling this information I surveyed users of public transportation I happen to know and the 3,500+ members of the Greenbelters Facebook Group for help, and gotten lots of it.

Bottom line, living car-less in Greenbelt isn’t just doable; it’s easy. Here are the transportation services at our disposal:

Buses for Everyone

Metrobus routes


Metrobus G12 seems to be a favorite, running from Roosevelt Center to the Greenbelt Metro Station and taking less than 10 minutes. Along its route are also the New Carrollton station, Doctors Hospital, the post office, Roosevelt High, Greenway, Greenbelt Elementary, and Capitol Office Park. Here’s the G12-14 schedule.


Metrobus R12 runs from Greenbelt station (MARC, Green Line) to Deanwood station (Orange Line). Along the way it serves Springhill Lake Elementary, Greenbelt Middle School, Beltway Plaza, Westchester Park condos, and down Kenilworth Avenue to Deanwood. Here’s the R12 schedule. There’s no Sunday service.

To plan trips within the WMATA system, try the Metro Trip Planner. 


Metrobus B30 to BWI

This is touted as one of the best things about living here. It runs approximately every 40 minutes and goes nonstop from the Greenbelt Metro to the terminal, which is probably faster than dealing with shuttle buses to long-term parking.  And it only costs $7 each way (or $3.50 for seniors and the disabled). Pay with cash or SmartCard. Here’s the schedule.

WMATA Fares and How to Pay

Cash (exact change) or SmarTrip Card. For regular adults the cost is $1.75 regular route and $4 for express routes. For seniors (65 and older) it’s $.85 and $2.  SmarTrip cards can be bought online, at vending machines in Metrorail stations, and at Metro sales offices.


Some routes of PG County’s TheBus 

PG County’s “TheBus”
TheBus runs through Old Greenbelt with direct access to Greenbelt Metro. Fares: For adults through age 59 the fare is $1.25.  Pay with cash or a SmarTrip card. Riders 60 and older or disabled ride FREE. Click here for all the routes. Popular routes with Greenbelters include:

TheBus 11 runs from Greenbelt station (MARC, Green Line) to Greenbelt East. Along the way, it serves the Federal Courthouse, Old Greenbelt, Greenway Center, the Greenbelt Post Office, and Roosevelt High School. It runs every 30 minutes a4throughout the day. Find out more.

TheBus 16 runs from Greenbelt station (MARC, Green Line) to New Carrollton station (MARC, Amtrak Orange Line). Along the way it serves Springhill Lake Elementary, Beltway Plaza (Giant side), Berwyn Heights, Golden Triangle Office Park, Greenway Center, Doctors Hospital, and New Carrollton Library. It does NOT serve Old Greenbelt. It runs every 60 minutes throughout the day and every 30 minutes during peak hours. Find out more.

TheBus 15X is an express route. It runs from Greenbelt station to New Carrollton station, with just a few stops (including NASA Goddard). Find out more.

TheBus 17 goes from the College Park Metro to Ikea. Find out more.

A commenter said about TheBus: “A BIG plus? The drivers for TheBus are courteous and when they get to know you, will exchange pleasantries when you board! I ride TheBus #11 from Laurel Hill Road/Hillside to the Metro Station, and from the Metro to either that stop or Roosevelt Center. If I am quick in the Co-op, I can catch the same bus on its return loop, which has become a bit of a joke with a couple of the drivers.”

Greenbelt Connection – Cheap Bus Rides IN Greenbelt

The City of Greenbelt operates Greenbelt Connection, a limited transportation service within Greenbelt utilizing a 12-passenger, wheelchair accessible van. Service is available to all residents of Greenbelt. To arrange for transportation call 301-474-4100 at least 24 hours before you need a ride.  Operates M-F from 8 a.m. to 3:30 pm. Saturday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sunday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.  No operation on holidays. The cost is $1 for seniors, the disabled and kids 6-18, free for kids under 6, and $2 for everyone else.

U. Maryland Shuttle
UPDATE: The U. Maryland Shuttle will not be available to Greenbelters after the end of August, 2019 due to a budget decision by the Greenbelt City Council. The UM shuttle will still run through Greenbelt for UM students, faculty, and staff. (This was much discussed at the Greenbelters Facebook group.)

For the Disabled AND People over 60

Call-a-Cab 1/2 Price 

Coupons for 1/2-off taxi rides are available for the disabled and seniors (60+). It takes weeks to get the coupons, so users suggest buying enough for quite a while (e.g., $50 for $100 worth of travel). The coupons don’t expire. Additional passenger pay just $1 extra unless they’re 60 or older or under 6 years old. There’s a $3 snow emergency charge. They provide service within the county or from the county to outside the county. Companies using this program are Barwood Taxicab Co. and Taxi Taxi.   Call 301-883-5656 or click here for information and to buy the coupons.


GIVES (Greenbelt Intergenerational Volunteer Exchange Service) arranges for volunteers to provide all sorts of services to the “frail and disabled of all ages, as well as the elderly” – including rides.  Call 301-507-6580 or email greenbeltgives@aol.com.

Only for the Disabled

This is a demand-response, curb-to-curb service available to all residents of Prince George’s County who are not served by or cannot use existing bus or rail services. Priority is given to senior and persons with disabilities. Persons with disabilities must provide their own escort, if needed. Service animals are allowed for the visually impaired. More info here.

Metro Access

MetroAccess is a shared-ride, door-to-door, paratransit service for people whose disability prevents them from using bus or rail. If you think you may need paratransit service, see the eligibility requirements. Lots more info here, or call  800-523-7009 / 301-588-7835 (TTY). MetroAccess can be used for anything, not just trips to doctors.

Renting a Car

Enterprise Car Rental operates out of the local Cadillac dealership on Greenbelt Road. Their prices are competitive, starting at $10/day, but the office is closed on the weekends.They will pick you up and drop you off when you rent from them.

Enterprise also has several cars at the Greenbelt metro that can be rented on an hourly basis.

If you can get to Costco on Route 1, their car rental rates are quite competitive.

ZipCar no longer has cars available behind the Greenbelt Municipal Building or at the Greenbelt Metro. There are Zipcars at Beltway Plaza, Capital Office Park, and Lakeside North Apartments.

Taxis and Ride Services

Suburbanites everywhere are finding it easier to go-carless these days, thanks to Uber and Lyft.

Local taxi services include TaxiTaxi, Barwood and Mesfin.

Rider Tips

  • To get to IKEA, one resident recommends TheBus 17, which stops in the parking lot – weekdays only.
  • To go to Behnkes, catch TheBus 17 at the College Park Metro/Marc station and take the 89 from the Greenbelt metro/marc station. There is no safe way to cross Rte 1 on foot up there, so be very careful.
  • To get to MOM’s Organic Market, take the 83 bus, which goes past it, stopping about 100 feet from the strip mall. Alternately, MOM’s is about a half-mile walk from the Greenbelt metro/marc station.
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Susan started blogging about Greenbelt soon after moving here in 2012, and that first blog has grown into this nonprofit community website. She also created and curates the Greenbelt Maryland YouTube channel. In 2021 Susan joined the Board of Directors of Greenbelt Access TV. Retired from garden writing and teaching, she continues to blog at GardenRant.com.

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    Item to note: “If you can get to Costco on Route 1, their car rental rates are quite competitive.” Costco does offer discounts, but they do not rent cars at their warehouse locations. Instead they offer discounts on national rental car companies, i.e. Hertz, Enterprise, etc. Going to Costco on Route 1 will not do you any good in renting a car . . .

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