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Greenbelt Garden Walk is TODAY, Sunday, September 22, 2-5

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Welcome! We hope you enjoy these 9 gardens created by real hands-on gardeners. Five are in Greenbelt’s original townhouses, now a coop; three are at private homes nearby.

Printed copies of the map and addresses are available on September 22 starting at 1 pm at the Greenbelt Museum. If you’re new to Old Greenbelt, we recommend arriving then to see the museum before starting the Garden Walk at 2.

Greenbelt Garden Walk 2019 is brought to you by our gracious garden hosts and the Gardening Subcommittee of Greenbelt Homes, Inc.:  Susan Harris, Melissa Mackey, Nancy Newton, Annie Shaw, and Amber Crowley.

How it Works

Garden Walks are more casual than tours, so just visit the 9 gardens as you like. The gardeners are there and happy to answer your questions.

About the Gardens

Now in late September there’s much less blooming than in spring or summer. So the focus is more on design tips, like how to create seating areas or reduce your lawn. We hope you get lots of great plant ideas, too.

Great Restroom Stop – and Roosevelt Center

Across the street from the museum and next to the library is the historic Community Center. It’s open all day, and if you go, check out the gallery of photos about the creation of Greenbelt in the 1930s. Then cross the parking lot to see the town square – Roosevelt Center, with the Old Greenbelt Theatre, the New Deal Cafe and lots more.

(Map and addresses have been removed.)

  1. Mary Lou Williamson  

garden in Greenbelt Maryland


garden in Greenbelt Maryland

Overlooking the lake:  At 20 years old, this large garden sports plenty of sun-lovers in the front yard.  The shady back includes a koi-filled pond and a great view of the lake.  In 2013 the gardener extended the garden to the edge of the lake path. Rest room available.

2. Sandy Lange  


garden in Greenbelt Maryland


garden in Greenbelt Maryland


Sandy’s garden features include a variety of tropical plants in pots (she overwinters them in a heated shed), a pond with two waterfalls, and a shade garden with many ferns. In bloom now are 6-foot zinnias, wandering Jew (a perennial) and a purple Rose of Sharon.

3. Susan Harris 

garden in Greenbelt Maryland
View of back garden from house in June with the new privacy screen.
garden in Greenbelt Maryland
Back garden, view from the shed in July.
garden in Greenbelt Maryland
Front garden in spring.

As a garden writer with a focus on lawn replacement, Susan ripped out the lawn here when she arrived in 2012. In its place are two terraces, a porch, and lots of plants. Top ground covers are a Sedum, Comfrey and ‘Ice Dance’ Carex.

Notice the wood chips here and there? Called “arborist wood chips,” it’s made of all tree parts and is top mulch choice of many experts. They’re free to be picked up at the GHI admin building.


4. Melissa Mackey 

garden in Greenbelt Maryland

garden in Greenbelt Maryland

This garden has been the work of the current resident for almost 30 years. It is a mostly shade garden with 4-season interest, foliage texture variety, colors favoring purple, pink, white, and shades of green.

5. Rachel Channon 

garden in Greenbelt Maryland

garden in Greenbelt Maryland

This garden is on the wild and disheveled side, intended for photography and for walking, with a short “secret path.”  Currently flowering or berrying in the yard: callicarpa, eupatoriums including eupatorium rugosum chocolate, rudbeckias including Henry Eiler, laciniata and triloba, viburnum nudum and trilobum, tricyrtis, boltonia, vernonia, aster divaricatus and tataricus, mint, many varieties of hydrangea paniculata, crepe myrtles, heptacodium,sorbaria sorbifolia,clethra tomentosa, ilex Maryland Beauty.


6. Amethyst Dwyer & Dorian Winterfeld

tropical garden in Greenbelt Maryland


tropical garden in Greenbelt Maryland

Amethyst and Dorian’s new patio container garden featuring hanging baskets, caladiums, coleus, mandevilla, dipladenia, banana trees, hibiscus, Persian shield, canna, mums, impatients, ti plants and more. Restroom available. Front yard only. 


7. GHI Administration Building, One Hamilton Place

garden at offices of Greenbelt Homes INc

Walk or drive down Hamilton Place (between 36 and 34 Ridge Roads) to see the improvements in the landscape in front of the GHI Administration Building. Click for plant names, before-and-after photos and more.

8. Carol Griffith 

Garden in Greenbelt Maryland
Carol’s garden in spring.


Come and see how a pathetic patch of dirt and weeds can be transformed! Opposite the corner of Ridge Rd. and Plateau Place. (Please park on Ridge or Plateau.) An eclectic mix of sun and shade, perennials and annuals. Front and back gardens open.

9. Michael and Carole Bordelon

Bordelon garden in Greenbelt Maryland
Front yard
Bordelon garden in Greenbelt Maryland
Back yard


The Bordelons’ front garden features a sunny rock garden with conifers and perennials. The shade garden in the back has beds with woody plants and perennials surrounded by moss paths. Other features include a small pond, greenhouse and potted tropical plants.

(See the feature about Carole on page 1 of this recent issue of the Greenbelt News Review. Both Michael and Carole are horticultural professionals, and their garden shows it.)

Follow Susan Harris:
Susan started blogging about Greenbelt soon after moving here in 2012, and that first blog has grown into this nonprofit community website. She also created and curates the Greenbelt Maryland YouTube channel. In 2021 Susan joined the Board of Directors of Greenbelt Access TV. Retired from garden writing and teaching, she continues to blog at GardenRant.com.

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  1. Gareth
    | Reply

    Really like the Amethyst Dwyer & Dorian Winterfeld. I imagine having breakfast on that table and being hidden from view!

  2. Stefano Demetriou
    | Reply

    I think my favourite one was number 2 by Sandy. The green and the water just get to me. Absolutely beautiful! number 9 was a close second for me too.

  3. Andy Richmond
    | Reply

    Great to see the work of professionals here!:) My favourites are number 3 (extra points for being bold and ripping out the lawn, plus extra points for using the arborist wood chips!) and number 6 (just looks so dreamy, like a real-life wonderland)! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Elaine Travis
    | Reply

    The winning photo for me is Susan Harris, front garden in Spring…the view of plants, shrubs and conifer-type trees ticks all the right boxes.

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