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Greenbelt Live’s Nominee (s) for Outstanding Citizen of 2014

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Now’s the time when Greenbelters get to nominate someone to receive the high honor of being named Greenbelt’s Outstanding Citizen of the Year.  Applicants must be contributing to the community as a volunteer, and here’s a bit more about the person from the Labor Day website page about the process:

Describe in your own words those acts of exceptional kindness and tireless energy that your nominee has shown. Such acts could include organizing a program for the benefit of our community, giving time and talent to teach, lending a helping hand to those in need, or just making the special effort to ensure that “good things happen” for others.

The award was initiated in 1973 and I see from this list of winners some familiar and very award-worthy names: Mary Lou Williamson, David Lange, Leta Mach, Konrad Herling, Patti Brothers, Marsha Voigt, Jean Cook, Sylvia Lewis, and of course the awardees named since I moved here:  John Henry Jones and Eric Zhang.

To join that wonderful group, I nominated two people for this year’s award – George Boyce and Eva Fallon of Club 125, the “Greenbelt Community Makerspace.”

George Boyce and Eva Fallon at Greenbelt's MakerSpace

According to their website, Club 125 “works hard to develop resources and programs to engage our members in activities related to science, technology, arts, and crafts.  As of 2014, membership in Club125 is free.”

The photos below of Club 125’s Mini-Maker Faire  just hint at how lively and popular their events are.  Good job!

Greenbelt's MakerSpace Fair

Greenbelt's MakerSpace Fair

Greenbelt's MakerSpace Fair


Nominations open until July 28

Click here for the nomination form.

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