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Greenbelt Woodlands on Flickr


I’m happy to report a growing resource documenting the natural parts of Old Greenbelt, from the GHI’s Woodlands Committee.  Or to be exact, from member Rachel Channon.  She’s photographed and then uploaded to Flickr these subjects:

Animals and Insects in GHI.   My favorite photos of the lot, including the one above.  Gorgeous!

Then there are Interesting Nonnative Plants – just two so far.  Not knowing the criteria for “interesting,” can I suggest “self-sustaining”?  And I’d love to see plant IDs added.

And of course there’s a group of  Native Plants – just seven, and they’re all in the woods, not in people’s yards (hint – people need suggestions for native plants that do well in gardens).  And there are the Invasive Plants in GHI, which includes the major threats to our woodlands.  Good to know!


There are two groups of photos of  Pioneer Park, which I’ve seen in person and had no idea it had a name.  That first link shows “before” and there’s also during installation, including the shot above of Matt Barres, GHI staff liaison to the Woodlands Committee.



Another “pocket park” documented is at 31 Court (presumably Ridge Road), filled with play equipment, shown from all angles and all times of the year.  And there’s a  big pocket park photo set that’s crying out for location IDs.



And who knew there’s a path called Parcel D  snaking through GHI and city-owned woods?  The Woodlands Committee knew and has done a walk-through to document its condition.  And just like real naturalists, they’re interested in scat!



Plantings like the one on Laurel Hill in 2010 are recorded.

So Rachel and committee members, thank you!  But tell us – what’s next for this growing resource?  And how it is helping you do your work?

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