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Greenbelt’s Bernie Video a Big Hit

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With the polls closed on this primary election night,  I can finally post this classic Greenbelt production without having to give equal time to Clinton (as if such a thing exists).

Song and video by Joe Harris, who wrote on Facebook, “Our neighborhood made a thing… a thing for Bernie Sanders!!! A big thanks to the Cooperative Republic of Greenbelt, Maryland, for making it happen!!! Feel free to share the hell out of this!!! ‪#‎feelthebern‬ ‪#‎berniebelievers‬

As of today, the video’s been viewed over 54,000 times. It was seen on Mashup and even on Fox News, where correspondent Lisa Kennedy described the video thusly:

Bernie Sanders supporters released this bizarre video in their pinko frenzy for America’s favorite socialist and the video is a perfect metaphor for Sanders’ campaign – out of tune and populated by naive emotionalists covered in a musky funk that gives rational outsiders that not-so-fresh feeling.


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