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Greenbelt’s Published High School Poet

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Greenbelt Live was recently contacted by Delali Norvor, a senior at Roosevelt HS writing to say that she lives in “lovely Greenbelt” and has written a book of poetry. Called National Eyes of an Urban Pariah, it’s “about a girl who is basically ‘Urban Pariah, and she is witnessing national events of gun control, Trayvon Martin, racial prejudice, gender inequality etc all in the backyard of America.”

Which makes ya want to know more about Delali, right?  According to her bio on Amazon, she was born in Accra, Ghana and being diagnosed with a minor case of Cerebral Palsy hadn’t stopped her.  She’s an avid reader who skipped 6th grade and won second place at the 36th Annual PGCPS Write-A-Book

Contest.  Her poem “Music Video Life” is being published in the poetry collection A Celebration of Poets.

Apart from writing, Delali created Global Heart to raise awareness on the issues of terrorism and to promote world peace and democracy, and EduHelp  to provide school supplies to the less fortunate schools.
Via email Delali wrote to tell us that she’d been writing poetry since she was in second grade but hadn’t taken it seriously until she turned 17 and a teacher named Mr. Mahoney urged her to enter that writing competition in which she won second place.  She says he didn’t just urge her to acknowledge a gift for writing but also introduced her to a “world of activism, which led to Global Heart and EduHelp.

Now about Dalali’s journey from Ghana to Greenbelt.  She’d been coming to the U.S. for summer vacations to visit relatives for years until her family made the big permanent move to America when she was 13.  She started attending Eleanor Roosevelt as a freshman and finally moved to Greenbelt just last year.  (Welcome~!!)

New in town, she went online to learn more about Greenbelt and found this blog – so glad she did!
National Eyes of an Urban Pariah is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and distributed worldwide.
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