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Halloween in Old Greenbelt, 2020-Style

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Due to the pandemic, Greenbelt had to forego its grand Labor Day Festival this year, and most of its Halloween festivities, too. No Kids Costume Parade and Judging. No Pumpkin Carving and Pumpkin Walk.

But decorations and scary displays were as elaborate as ever! So we thank Greenbelt’s Halloween fanatics for all their work and creativity. I hope I’ve captured their spirit in this video.

Next, a video by Phoebe McFarb, station manager of Greenbelt Access Television, zeroes in on the lakeside display and interviews the genius behind it – Marc Siegel.

And an article in the Greenbelt News Review reveals even more about Marc’s lakeside display – now in its 20th year here – and the Haunted Hollow by Amethyst Dwyer and Dorian Winterfeld, which has grown even scarier over its 24-year history. Find out more on page 12 of this issue.

Sidewalk Art, Too

The chalk artwork seen in the video was created by students at Eleanor Roosevelt High School, organized by art teacher Chrissy Wilkin. The theme was “Heroes.”

Sidewalk chalk drawings of American Heroes.

Chalk drawings of American heroes by ERHS students.
Clockwise from upper left, the Heroes are Wonder Woman, Chadwick Boseman, environmentalists, and Picathu. Photos by Susan Ready.

Trick or Treating Brought Neighbors Together

Neighbors giving out candy on Laurel Hill Road
Photos by John Campanile.
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