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Help Greenbelt Online Now for 100% Matching Funds

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Some of the dozens of “Greenbelt Creatives” we want to see listed!


Hey, readers! This blog just turned 7, first as “Greenbelt Live” and then here on the expanded Greenbelt Online.org. We’ve gradually added resources and videos, posted hundreds of articles and just recently, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts. Now we’re launching the new Greenbelt Arts Directory and are, for the first time, asking for your help in making sure that Greenbelters and others in the region find it all. Here’s our pitch going out to businesses, and now to YOU.


Greenbelt is one of the D.C. metro area’s hidden gems. We have a vibrant arts and entertainment community; extensive parks, trails and green space; and a cooperative community spirit rooted in the New Deal era.

And the mission of GreenbeltOnline.org, this nonprofit website and its new social media channels, has the mission of enhancing the lives of residents and showcasing Greenbelt as the gem that it is within the greater DC region. We have the opportunity to obtain a 100% matching grant, up to $5,000, to help spread the word about Greenbelt within our community and beyond, and we’re asking for your support.

Between now and July 31, 2019, we’re seeking contributions up to $5,000, to be matched by the State of Maryland. Your support will help pay for design services and advertising (at least half of it in the Greenbelt News Review) for the purpose of:

  • Growing and promoting our Greenbelt Arts Directory to local creatives and beyond
  • Building and then promoting a ”Green in Greenbelt Directory” that highlights its natural resources, outdoor activities and environmental activism
  • Promoting our “Guides to Greenbelt Living” and other up-to-date resources to Greenbelters and potential Greenbelters

Until now, Greenbelt Online has operated on a shoestring – all volunteer labor and no money to get the word out. But with this funding, we can expand our reach, something we’re exploring with others in the region, including the Gateway Arts District, the Cities of Greenbelt and College Park, and the University of Maryland.

How can you help? Donate online now, or email your interest in donating before July 31, when our grant application will be submitted. Greenbelt Online is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so all donations are tax-deductible. Go to the DONATE PAGE.

Donors of $100 or more will be thanked and promoted on all of our social media channels and credited as “Sponsors” prominently on GreenbeltOnline.org for a full year, with logos and links to their websites.

Help us raise awareness about Greenbelt’s vibrant arts, nature and cooperative community spirit. We’re #PrinceGeorgesProud!

Thank you!

Susan Harris
Editor, GreenbeltOnline.org

Follow Susan Harris:
Susan started blogging about Greenbelt soon after moving here in 2012, and that first blog has grown into this nonprofit community website. She also created and curates the Greenbelt Maryland YouTube channel. In 2021 Susan joined the Board of Directors of Greenbelt Access TV. Retired from garden writing and teaching, she continues to blog at GardenRant.com.

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