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Susan started blogging about Greenbelt soon after moving here in 2012, and that first blog has grown into this nonprofit community website. She also created and curates the Greenbelt Maryland YouTube channel. In 2021 Susan joined the Board of Directors of Greenbelt Access TV. Retired from garden writing and teaching, she continues to blog at

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  1. Linda Ivy
    | Reply

    Thanks Susan! Great pictures! Jan Wolf, I think all of the spectators were in the parade! This community is awesome!!!!

  2. Mara
    | Reply

    AWESOME photos, Susan! Some of these I didn’t even appreciate enough at the time; it is super to get a chance to re-live a great parade! Goooo, Greenbelt! 🙂

  3. Genevieve
    | Reply

    Thank you for posting these photos!

  4. Jan Wolf
    | Reply

    With all those folks IN the parade it’s surprising there were any spectators. It was a great parade this year!

  5. Jim Link
    | Reply

    Bravo Susan! I echo Kathie Jarva – great stuff!

  6. Kathie Jarva
    | Reply

    Great stuff – Greenbelt! Thanks for the coverage Susan.

    • Jim Mulvey
      | Reply

      Being a former member of the GVFD&RSInc., and having participated in many Labor Day Parades in Greenbelt, I was hoping to see what fire departments were represented and what equipment they brought. I realize some things change over the course of 40-50 years, but I noticed some emergency lighting in one of your pictures…and then no photos of those same trucks “passing the reviewing stand”. Thank you for sharing your photos. Jim Mulvey

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