On May 16, 2019 the GHI Board of Directors approved the following clarification of its rules regarding trellises and lattices:

Trellises and lattices that are mounted up against member homes or sheds (and therefore do not act as privacy screens) are allowed without design review or approval by the ARC or Board of Directors, as long as:

  • They are approved by the Technical Services Department (and this is required only if they’re attached to homes. If attached to sheds, Tech Services does not need to be contacted.)
  • They are composed of squares or vertical and horizontal lines, rather than diagonals or curves.

(Click here to learn why the choice of squares over diagonals.)

If lattices/trellises DO provide privacy screening, they must follow the rules and procedures for privacy screens.  Note that the newly approved procedures (as of May 2019) may allow members to replace trellises currently used for privacy with actual privacy screens that are custom-designed for their yard.

Where to Buy Square Trellises/Lattices

Above, these options at Home Depot online are priced at, from left, $68, $66, $28, and $16.

Also at Home Depot, these lattices cost $106 (L) and $58 (R).

Above are options online at Lowes that cost, from left, $149, $25, and $25.


Here’s a comparison of the cost of square versus diagonal lattice. At Home Depot, a 4×8-foot diagonal lattice with no frame costs $25 while a square piece of the same size with a frame around it costs $30.77.