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Laugh-in Debuts at the New Deal!

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Capacity crowd and lots of laughs last night at the New Deal – a Tuesday night, y’all.  It was the first of what will be a monthly event (4th Tuesdays) and boy, are we lucky to have good stand-up right here in Greenbelt.

From left, Chris Lawrence, Matt Brown, Andre Ferrell, Jeff Hysen

Here’s how it came about: Chris Lawrence grew up in New York where he was friends with a musician whose group performed at the New Deal last October.  So the musician contacted his pal Chris, now living in Elkridge, to recommend this great venue in Greenbelt.  Chris contacted talent booker Amethyst Dwyer, who responded enthusiastically.  (I’m guessing “Hell, yeah!”)  Chris then rounded up some of the best performers in the region and also served as MC for the event.

From left, Missy Grynkiewicz, Joe Kashnow, Mike Finazzo

A big blogger thanks to the performers!  It was a blast.

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