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Maryland’s New FREE Daily Call Check for Residents 65+

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Good news for me and my fellow Maryland seniors – if you need the safety of a daily check-in, there’s no need to pay monthly for an automated phone check-up service. Maryland now provides that service for free if you’re 65 or older. It’s the first state in the country to do that!

How it works

You’ll get an automated phone call every day, at any time you choose from 8 to 4. If you don’t answer the first call, you’ll get 2 more automated calls. If you don’t respond to any of them, an alternative person who’s been selected by you will be called. If you don’t select someone, the program will assign an alternate for you. That person (selected by you or by the program) would then be asked to check on you. The failure of anyone responding to the calls “will result in a call to your local non-emergency service.”

Jerry and Harry

Just thinking about it all makes me anxious, honestly, but I’m motivated to make sure my cats don’t starve to death if I happen to croak suddenly at home. And sure, the calls could help me with a medical emergency, too, but my cat worries come first. (Some of you pet parents will relate.)

To apply, lots of options

  • Call toll-free (866)-502-0560 and ask to have a hard copy application mailed to your home. (Lines are open Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.).  ​
  • Or click here​. to request a paper application be sent to you.

To finish the set-up, you’ll be called

Here’s how it’s worked for me. Within a couple of days after applying online, I got a call from someone to confirm some details, ask for a few more, and answer my questions. Did I have medical conditions that should know about, pet? How could someone get in the house? Et cetera. All presumably written down, and followed if needed.

The calls begin

A day or two after that call you should get your first automated call. (And don’t forget to put the phone number it’s coming from in your phone so you’ll recognize it.) I chose 9 a.m. and in the 2 weeks since they started, they’ve all been within 2-3 minutes of that.

I’ll get used to it soon, I hope, and not have to give it any thought.

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  1. Lore Rosenthal
    | Reply

    Please note, no one uses the “Maryland Relay” anymore, because no one has a TTY. They need to find a different approach for deaf people, using one of the Video Relay Services.

    Same with our city website. They should remove all mention of “711” or “TTY”.

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