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Meet Greenbelt’s Art-Studio Artists and More

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It’s an Art Studio Open House!

I joined throngs of visitors on May Day to explore the art and artists in our beloved Greenbelt Community Center. We met the seven Artists in Residence and several others, and got to ogle their work, which I found quite impressive. I was glad to see their works being sold, too!

Nicole DeWald, Greenbelt’s Art Supervisor, commented on the event. “Warm thanks to all our guests and participating artists! We enjoyed sharing art, stories, laughter and smiles throughout the afternoon.”

SAVE THE DATE! The next Art Studio Open House will be held on Sunday, October 2.

Seven Artists in Residence

Mary Gawlik and Gina Mai Denn

Karen Arrington

Sculptor Chris Corson

Rachel Ann Cross

Kathy Karlson with a piece destined for Greenbelt Municipal Building.

Laurence Anderson, maker and repairer of string instruments.

Sculptures by Judith Kornett.

Pamela Phillips with two of her works.

Community Artists


Brand-new Greenbelter Amanda Spaid.

John Drago.

Shania Mushala with her works.

By Amanda Demos Larsen.

By Jessica Damen

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