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Meet Marvin Britt, Workout and Weight-Loss Trainer

Greenbelt Online is happy to highlight a Greenbelt-based business located off the beaten path and maybe under the radar. It’s Marvin Britt’s workout training business ACTION Sports Fitness in Capital Office Park, 6301 Ivy Lane, 1st floor.  So you don’t see the place driving by, but hundreds of people work in that office park, plenty of whom want to lose weight, get in better shape, and probably both. It opened in July 2017.

Workout and Weight-Loss Training

The action at ACTION Sports Fitness takes place in one room, so it’s called a “box gym.” Box gyms can be large but this one is small, perfect for one-on-one instruction. It’s filled with weights, inspiring posters, a mirror, and Marvin, the owner and personal trainer. He also has use of the adjoining adjoining fitness center for the office park.

When I visited I asked about the absence of machines and Marvin explained, “I believe in free weight over machines because free weights recruit more muscle fibers and helps with functional strength training and calorie burning to keep it simple.”

In the summer Marvin conducts group training sessions called “boot camps” outdoors on the terrace (above).

Marvin works with clients on site about 25 hours/week, and at home he does online nutrition and weight loss coaching using software that makes it easy – Precision Nutrition. He also does all his own marketing from home.

Food posts from Marvin’s Instagram account: @marvthebrand


I was curious about what kind of people are working with Marvin and learned that they’re about half male/female, with an average age about 42 (oldest currently is 64), and the majority are looking for weight loss.

Previously he’s also coached people who compete in men’s physique competition (just like body building but competing in trunks, not bikinis) and Marvin used to compete himself.  He stopped because “I did not want to take steroids to compete at the highest level,” explaining that they age you in many ways. Just not healthy.

Marvin’s in-person clients are primarily referrals from other clients – always a good sign.  His online clients are finding him through his popular and inspiring personal Instagram account and company Instagram account.

I wondered how people know they can trust a fitness and nutrition counselor with their health, and learned that certifications go a long way toward ensuring that trainers know what they’re doing. Marvin’s are: Certified NCSF Personal Trainer, Certified NCSF Strength Coach, Certified PN1 Nutrition Coach, Certified In TRX Suspension Training, and Foam Rolling-Certified.

And the great online testimonials on his website would mean a lot to me if I were shopping for a trainer.


Marvin grew up in New Carollton and studied sports management at Hampton University and then the University of New Haven. He cites his internship with the college strength and training coach, working with stop college athletes, as an important learning experience.

His first job after college was at Fannie Mae – clearly working outside his chosen field, but it enabled him to also do personal training part-time on the side, including at Bally’s in Prince George’s Plaza (now LA Fitness).

Marvin, who is somehow single, lives in Upper Marlboro.

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