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More Greenbelt Poems, and a Song!

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We present MORE great poems from the first issue of Greenbelt’s Iguana Review, published in 2003, plus the audio file of Anne Sucher’s song “Smooth,” based on Rob Baluch’s poem.

“Entomologist” by Ella Pia

If I could collect people as
an entomologist does butterflies
I would have an album full of my
new and old friends.
The amazing aspect of nature is
its randomness and perfection
beautiful creatures with their own
distinct types and makeup
Captivating lives and stories to tell,
behavior to interpret and predict
so we can retrace our steps
the spiritual display of miracles
unthinkable, unexplainable, just amazement
and grace for
being able to capture and learn… and collect
and catalog… and reflect
On our lives
On our friends’ lives
On our collection of lives

“Two Spiders” by Glen Gardner

He sees her, and wonders if it is safe to move closer.
She gives him no indication of her preference, no sign.
He is left to weigh the risks.
Move closer and be devoured, or move closer to find bliss?
To be devoured in any case?
He moves closer.

“Empowerment” by Anne Sucher

Be blue, be yellow, be green, be red
Be all the rainbow’s colors
And then be gloriously none,
Gloriously none
A glorious, fabulous absence of color
And dwell in the clean, untouched canvas of
Your truest nature

“Smooth” by Rob Baluch

I am on the edge of smooth
I slide in silence and
walk in the groove
Relaxed is my middle name
Uncomplicated is my aim
Gliding towards easiness
I easily slip into and out of the mundane
Could I share with you some
piece of my peace
some part of my soul
that you need to feel,
that you may need to know
Come with me on my
journey of the letting go
And when we’ve seen
and felt and grown
in the warmth of a cold
sunlit morn
Shaking the folds that hold us torn
Grasping at a new dawn
and breaking our bread
shaking our heads at what
we have borne, letting it all go down
to the setting of the sun
Pretty brown eyes wander at each new thought
And I take the head and take the heart
to another place
that is full of hope and take myself
along for good measure,
then find myself taken by the hand,
the head, and the heart
to that place I
Had been stretching towards
Towards that place of all that I had always
Been before.

“Smooth” song written and performed by Anne Sucher, based on Rob’s poem

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