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New Mural Portrays the Arts at ERHS

Mural depicting the arts at ERHS

By reporters and photographers: ERHS sophomores Alexandra Herrera-Mazariegos and Sophia Reynolds

For the past few weeks, the Eleanor Roosevelt High School Art Club has been working several weekdays after school to create a mural on the ledge looking over the stairwells. The mural represents the arts of ERHS. This painstaking project vividly captures the school’s artistic endeavors, ranging from music and theater to visual arts and dance. This mural will display the diverse set of passions and arts that thrive at Eleanor Roosevelt.

Digital art

Senior Sarah Romero originally designed the mural on her iPad with some ideas from other members of the club. Students considered questions such as where the mural would go and how big it would be in reality. According to Art Department chair and club sponsor Ms. Monique Connealy, another concern was students touching the mural while it was still wet, which was solved with the use of room dividers placed in front of the mural during the school day.

Rachel Kabba outlining art

One of the student artists, Rachel Kabba, says she has enjoyed the process of painting the mural and “watching the mural come to life,” though it was sometimes difficult with the “inconsistent number of people.” Kamryn Moore, another student in the Art Club, says it was fun painting the mural and she’d definitely like to help with any future murals.

Although this process came with a handful of obstacles that hindered the completion of the mural, the efforts of the Art Club have been clearly shown with the result of their dedication and hard work.

Kameryn Moore painting the mural

Beautification of the school is a main goal of the Art Club, a goal achieved with this incredible mural.

Some of the school’s arts displayed including DRB, Lady Raiders, and musical arts.
Ms. Connealy working on the mural

Supplies used in the project
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