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Plant Swap or Major Give-Away?

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plant swap in Old Greenbelt

The term “Plant Swap” may not convey what actually happened yesterday outside the GHI offices – the popular event organized by GHI’s Woodlands Committee. Above wearing a baseball cap is Mary-Denise Smith, who organized the event with help from committee chair Kathy Jarva. The swap is always open to all Greenbelters, not just GHI members.

But see, there’s no actually swapping. Donations are pooled, then at the whistle or equivalent, people grab something they want, step back, and wait for the next call to grab. I brought tons of plants and took home none because my tiny yard is now full.

So to answer people who don’t have plants to give away, YES, come and take other people’s plants. Gardeners love doing this and there’s even a special name for the free plants – passalongs.

plant swap in Old Greenbelt

This may look like a prayer circle in progress but it’s really a quick go-round in which people say what plants they’ve brought.

plant swap in Old Greenbelt

It all happens pretty fast. In no time, Julie Winters had nabbed a full-grown Hosta variety she’d been coveting.

plant swap in Old Greenbelt

More happy gardeners. From left, Melissa Mackey, Jeremy Warner, and Carissa Ralbovsky.

I look forward to the next “swap,” in September.

Connect with Greenbelt Gardeners

If you’re on Facebook and a Greenbelt gardener, there’s a group for you! It’s called Gardening in Greenbelt Maryland and has 63 members so far. Already I’ve enjoyed seeing plants growing in gardens so close to my own, and hearing from the gardeners, of course.


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