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Real Burlesque comes to Greenbelt!

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When the Greenbelt Museum announced its “Rexford Review” fund-raising evening at the Arts Center, the event poster said “Comedy!  Sideshow! Burlesque!” Little did we suspect that the burlesque would be the real deal.

But before we get to that, check out the fabulous ’30s and ’40s dresses people were wearing!

Greenbelt Museum's "Rexford Review" attendees

Above in their vintage finest are, from left, Kathy Labukas, museum docent (and my next-door neighbor), Sheila Maffay-Tuthill (museum education and volunteer coordinator) and Jennifer Ruffner, museum docent.  Not all the finery was this vintage but I can honestly report that everyone but yours truly was dressed up, mostly in vintage.  Looks like I need to do some shopping if I don’t want to stand out as clueless and under-dressed here in Old Greenbelt!

Greenbelt Museum's "Rexford Review"


So, here are the four talented ladies who entertained the crowd – Gigi the dancer, two very funny storytellers who are part of the Moonshine Cabaret, and Mab, Just Mab, “DC’s Own Sideshow Girl,” who was also funny.  The Moonshine ladies are from Philadelphia, the others are local, all hired by the fun-loving Sheila in the top photo there, who’d seen them perform.

Greenbelt Museum's "Rexford Review" burlesque

So boy, you better believe that Sheila was as surprised as the entire audience to discover Gigi here stripping down to not just the bikini-sized garb above but – wait for it – pasties!  And I’m talking pasties that didn’t even do their assigned job, if you get my drift.

As terrific as the performers were, the funniest part of the evening was the reaction of the audience, which was made up of most of Greenbelt’s finest, including our mayor and others from officialdom.  Oh, if only I’d taken out my iPhone video camera and recorded their shocked impressions and vapor-breathing gestures!  Hi-lar-ious!

I wondered how Eric Zhang would handle this on his Greenbelt 2012 blog, and I see that he’s using the same basic shots that I’m showing here, nothing skimpier (those pasties!).  See how we bloggers work to keep our sites family-friendly?

Greenbelt Museum's "Rexford Review" burlesque


All in all, the surprise raciness made the evening an even bigger hit than any of us anticipated.  Good job, Greenbelt Museum, especially Sheila!

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    * These lovely ladies are great!  Look forward to seeing it next year. 

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