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Roosevelt Democratic Club Picnic, with Candidate Drop-Ins

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Roosevelt Democratic Club banner

While early voting is going on in Maryland’s primaries and with the June 24 voting day fast approaching, I decided to check in with the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club of Greenbelt.  They were having a cook-out over at Schrom Hills Park.  Sitting ducks for candidates to stop by and press the flesh.

Roosevelt Democratic Club picnic


Club members here include Greenbelt’s Mayor Pro Tem J Davis, second from left.  She’s the historian for the club and asked me to send her my best shots (wish I had more).


Roosevelt Democratic Club picnic

While I was there, the first candidate to visit the club was running for the job of Maryland’s Lieutenant Governor.  He’s Delman Coates, the running mate of Heather Mizeur.  With Coates are, from left, Frank Gervasi, Michael Hartman, Greenbelt Mayor Emmett Jordan, and again, J Davis.

Roosevelt Democratic Club picnic


Next, we heard from Wendy Frosh, sister of Attorney General candidate Brian Frosh.

Roosevelt Democratic Club picnic


And here with Mayor Jordan is Todd Turner, Bowie City Councilman, who’s running for the Prince George’s County Council.

I asked about joining the club and found out it’s super-inclusive, with membership “open to any registered Democrat and interested individuals who are too young to vote, no matter where you live.  Membership is $10 per calendar year ($5 for seniors). ”  Super-affordable, too.  I took home an application, also available here, and click here for the calendar of events.

I confess to never having been active in the party (or any party), but that may change.  I can see that these folks care a lot about local issues and help in many ways to get good people get elected.  Even just working the polls on election day is contributing, and that’s not a big time commitment, right?

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  1. Ed Terry
    | Reply

    The Roosevelt Club is a great way to become involed in local and state politics. It’s not just for folks in the 22nd Dristrict. I am a member from the 47th and there are people from the 21st District where there are no active Democratic clubs.

    You can’t beat the price, the cause or the camaraderie.

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