Members have asked on the Unofficial GHI Facebook Group for shade-tolerant plant suggestions.

Azaleas do best with just morning sun or dappled sun. Too often planted in full sun. In FULL shade they probably won’t bloom, though.
Boxwood are shade-tolerant and slow-growing.
Leucothoe. Leaf spot and root rot diseases are common problems.
Acuba are evergreen and can get this tall (shown with Larry Hurley of Behnke Nursery. Slow-growing.
Shorter variety of Acuba called ‘Picturata.’
Oakeaf hydrangea in early-mid summer
Oakleaf hydrangea in fall. It’s a 4-season beauty.
Virginia sweetspire (Itea virginica) are native to our region.
Euonymus, commonly seen as hedges, tolerate some shade but are also prone to scale problems.
Varities of euonymus leaves.
Nandina domestica