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Thanksgiving Greeting

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The weather’s so mild today, Greenbelters can eat outdoors! Something to be thankful for right there.

Honestly, I started a Thanksgiving post about all the things I’m grateful for in Greenbelt that we’ve gone without this terrible year. Live music at the New Deal, live music in Roosevelt Center, movies at the OGT, live theater at the GAC, and eating in restaurants are the obvious choices for me.

But as I was scrolling through my photos of Greenbelt Events starting in 2012, my first year here, I felt overwhelmed by the vast array of events that take place in this “vibrant city with New Deal roots,” to quote this site’s tagline.

So yes, those memories made me thankful for the hundreds of people who make those events happen, and thankful that I moved here nine years ago. But seeing all those happenings and all those familiar faces just made me too sad to compile the memories and post them here.

So instead, I’m posting just the frog wearing a mask and wishing you a SAFE and Happy Thanksgiving.

Hey, that reminds me to thank Greenbelters for being TERRIFIC at mask compliance, showing good sense for your own safety and real concern for your neighbors. I feel safer here than anywhere.

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Susan started blogging about Greenbelt soon after moving here in 2012, and that first blog has grown into this nonprofit community website. She also created and curates the Greenbelt Maryland YouTube channel. In 2021 Susan joined the Board of Directors of Greenbelt Access TV. Retired from garden writing and teaching, she continues to blog at GardenRant.com.

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