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What blog subscribers missed while our emails were “paused”

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“What happened to emails from Greenbelt Online?”

It took hearing that question (from someone in the grocery store) for me to finally realize that subscribers to this blog had stopped receiving updates by email – back in March of this year. Sorry!!!

The reason is that the number of subscribers had become too large for our free version of Mailchimp, so our emails had been “paused” until I’d either reduced the number (to below 500) or coughed up money for a paid account.

After some study, I did both – deleting all the “non-engaged” addressees (people who hadn’t opened any of the last four emails) and also upgrading to a paid account. That seems to have solved the problem and caused the sending of an email containing several recent posts. BUT there are 10 more ones we think you’ll will enjoy.

So, here’s the first installment of “What Subscribers Missed While our Emails were Paused,” to be followed by issue two with another five posts that were published over the summer.

Five Posts Not Delivered to Subscribers

The story “Greenbelter Kathy Labukas among Top Senior Swimmers in the U.S” includes the photo above of the 1959 Greenbelt Sharks swim team and several other photos that weren’t in my article about Kathy’s swimming success in the Greenbelt News Review.: So many readers have told me they’re inspired by her – including the author!

“Famous Native Bee Lab and its Greenbelt Volunteers” reports on a visit to the federal government’s Native Bee Lab on the grounds of the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. It’s where extremely important research and amazing macro photography takes place and where Greenbelters like Catherine Plaisant volunteer. Greenbelt volunteers also grow native plants on the lab’s grounds for planting in common areas of Old Greenbelt.

With “Videos and Photos of Greenbelt’s Second Pride Festival” you can almost relive this happy community event.

Another article answers the question so often heard: What ARE those craaazy cars in Greenbelt’s parking lot?and the answer is “art cars” made by Hyattsville sculptor (and former curator at the Hirshhorn Museum) Clarke Bedford. He’s created six art cars so far, and his entire home and yard are art pieces, too.

And we encourage everyone to “Welcome to Greenbelt’s Revolution Dance Studio!, located in Beltway Place. Pictured here is owner Linda Chaney.

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Susan started blogging about Greenbelt soon after moving here in 2012, and that blog has grown into this nonprofit community website. She also created and curates the Greenbelt Maryland YouTube channel. In 2021 Susan joined the Board of Directors of Greenbelt Access TV. Retired from garden writing and teaching, she continues to blog weekly at GardenRant.com.

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  1. Linda S. Lucas
    | Reply

    Susan: Thanks for your hard work and dedication
    Much appreciated!

  2. Linda S. Lucas
    | Reply

    Susan: This is great news. Your hard work and dedication are appreciated!

  3. Jane Huntington
    | Reply

    Susan, thank you so much! When greenbeltonline arrived in my inbox the other day, I was so pleased and couldn’t remember where it was from. I had actually forgotten about it; I must have signed up some time ago. Your postings have made me feel as a relative newbie more a part of Greenbelt; they’re fun and informative, and I’m grateful.

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