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Wild Rumpus 2023 was Wildly Popular! Video and Credits Here

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Remember October of 2022, when Greenbelt’s first Wild Rumpus event was brought to us by our very talented Recreation and ARTS Department? Here’s a quick highlights video if you don’t.

As the community gathered again in Roosevelt Center to see V. 2 of Wild Rumpus, we wondered if it would be a repeat of that wonderful event, or something new.

WELL! As you can tell from the highlights video above, it was TOTALLY new, except for the large puppets, bringing on. And this year the puppets were hand-made by Greenbelt children, who’d attended the pre-Rumpus puppet-making workshop. Terrific!

Humans, clockwise from top to bottom: Raven Eyes Cagle and Rachel Ann Cross, Nicole DeWald and Council Member Ric Gordon. Photos by Raven Eyes Cagle.

Spectators were also curious about the creative minds behind the event, and the impressive organizing that created the happiest event I’ve ever seen in Greenbelt, or maybe in my life! The whole community was there, joyfully experiencing costumes, music, dancing and even jump-roping! Candy was available after all that fun, but it wasn’t the focus like it had been before Wild Rumpus came to town.

I’m grateful to everyone who created such a healthy and FUN way for us to come together.

Who to thank?

Turns out, IT TOOK A VILLAGE. Nicole DeWald sent me this list:

  • Nicole DeWald, Wild Rumpus concept/organizer and puppet workshop leader.
  • Lisa Pellittiere, dance captain – concept/choreography/instruction for the flash mob.
  • Rachel Ann Cross, leader of musical shaker workshops in the run-up to the event.
  • Plus support from many additional staff from Greenbelt Recreation and the departments of Public Works, Public Safety, and Public Information.
  • Special guests – Greenbelt S.I.T.Y. Stars, with Coach Kimberly Bradshaw
  • Volunteer puppet builders and puppeteers: Raven Eyes Cagle, Joey Connor, Aiyana Glover and family, Judy Goldberg-Strassler, Colleen Hommel, Aurenna Komisar, Beth LeaMond, Penny Martin, Jan Morrow, Mary Anne Savercool, and Kristine Smith.
  • Puppet support team: Adam Campanile (staff) and volunteers Gary Kohn, Niki Kohn, and Meredith Rocha
  • Volunteer greeters: Tom LeaMond and Janice Ataiyero
  • Special thanks to the Greenbelt Cinema, Greenbelt Arts Center and numerous local merchants and organizations for their participation.

How to See the Greenbelt S.I.T.Y. Stars

Sadly, while my video shows the Flash Mob Dance Party and Puppet Parade, I was in the wrong location to capture the terrific performance by Greenbelt’s S.I.T.Y. Stars, our beloved jump-rope troupe. But I’m assured that a video including their performance will show up soon on either the Greenbelt Access TV YouTube channel, or the City of Greenbelt’s YouTube Channel, And if you don’t want to wait, check out the Greenbelt S.I.T.Y. Stars’ own YouTube channel. to see some of their past performances.

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