We encourage you to share your stories, opinions, videos and photo collections on the GreenbeltOnline blog. The advantages are many:

  • Almost limitless word count (up to 1,000 is fine here. Longer articles could be posted in a series).
  • Almost limitless space for photos and videos.
  • No deadlines except those you create for yourself.
  • Your article will be promoted via GreenbeltOnline’s social media channels.
  • Help with editing and lay-out.
  • The opportunity to have your own WordPress login and create the post yourself, for approval by the editor.
  • Learning best practices for writing and lay-out articles for online viewership (especially mobile).
  • Working with an editor to ensure accuracy, copyright compliance, and an appropriate tone.

The content of your articles, photos and/or videos must be Greenbelt-based (except for day-trip reviews). Authors may live anywhere. To get started, just write to editor@greenbeltonline.org.


Articles contributed by readers include Owen Kelley’s series “The Truth about the Maglev Train,” Jamie Jorgensen’s “Birds of Greenbelt,”Jeff Lemieux’s coverage of road safety issues and movie reviews by Anna Socrates.

GreenbeltOnline has been approved as a publication for University of Maryland interns, like the excellent Drew Brown shown here with photos used to illustrate his articles.

Clockwise from upper left: Intern Drew Brown with Lore Rosenthal at the New Deal cafe; photos used in his articles about animation classes; a Nigerian restaurant in Beltway Plaza; and Greenbelt churches and the LGBT community.