Below, examples of additions to masonry units in INNER superblocks, where the garden sides are highly visible.

Additions to Brick Units

Brick Rows with No Additions



– – –

Brick Units with Brick Additions

– – –

Brick Units with Siding Addition in MATCHING COLORS

Above, example of how much harder it is to match UNPAINTED brick with a siding color.

– – –

Brick Units with Siding Additions in NONMATCHING COLORS

Effect of just one addition on a row, above.

Effect of several additions on a row.





– – –

2-Story Brick Addition to Brick, End Unit

– – –

Brick 2-Story Addition with Siding Exterior, End Unit

– – –

Brick 2-Story Siding Addition, MIDDLE Unit (Only 1 Found in Inner Superblocks)

Above and below – views from each end of the row.


This is the ONLY example of a mid-row 2-story addition found in all of the interior blocks, with gardens sides that are highly visible.

– – –


Additions to Block Units

Block 2-Story Additions


Only end units were found – these have same exterior material


Below, back facade view from the sidewalk

– – –

Block 2-Story Additions in Different Exterior Material



1-Story Block Units with Additions in SAME Material



1-Story Block Additions with DIFFERENT Exterior Material