DATE: October 3, 2019
For Immediate Release

CONTACT: Susan Harris

Greenbelt, Maryland, famous for its founding in 1937 as a "New Deal Utopia," is now touting its success as a mecca for creative people through its newly launched "Greenbelt Creatives Directory." 

The directory is free and available to any self-identified "creative" in any medium, for income or fun, who lives or works in Greenbelt. They're displayed in categories for Music, Video&Film, Visual Arts, Crafts, Theater&Dance, and Writing, with 55 creative people and venues already listed. All listees have their own page for displaying text, photos, videos and social media links, which they can update to promote their next concert or art show.

For some creatives, like cellist Diana McFadden, the directory listing is their first online presence. Diana is now recognized by Google and can even buy her own domain and point it to her page in the Directory.

The directory is designed to help artists, musicians and others get hired, sell books or artworks, and connect with others in their medium. Viewers enjoy browsing through the visual and people-filled listings by category.

Greenbelters consider the town a naturally occurring arts district that can skip the burden of getting official state designation and just act like the arts hub that it is. Thus the nonprofit Greenbelt Online's arts directory is able to be more inclusive than state rules dictate. Greenbelt "Creatives" just need to identify as such and live or work in Greenbelt. The smaller geographic reach reflects a real local community centered in Old Greenbelt, especially Roosevelt Center, a hub of entertainment with the Old Greenbelt Theatre, New Deal Cafe and Greenbelt Arts Center. 

Another boost to Greenbelt's creative economy is Greenbelt Online's new resource "Opportunities and Resources for Greenbelt Creatives." It reveals a wealth of ways that Greenbelters can perform, get published, or show their work, in addition to honing their craft through education.


About Greenbelt

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