The Old Greenbelt Gardening Boosters had plans to put on an Old Greenbelt Garden Tour this year year, a plan that went the way of most plans for 2020. So first we created a Virtual Spring Garden Tour using photos of our own gardens and others we solicited.

But honestly, the fabulousness of many of the gardens wasn’t conveyed adequately in photos alone. So for the Virtual Summer Garden Tours, I volunteered make the project video-only! One way or another.

Here are the 9 Greenbelt garden videos made in 2020, with the newest added at the top. Susan Harris

Above, the plant-packed garden of Rachel Channon, with music by Greenbelt bluesman Ed Crowley. Published 10/23/20. Learn more about Rachel’s garden here.

Above, garden and video by Greenbelt Online editor Susan Harris. Published 10/11/20. Plant list and more information here.

Above, the garden of Hope McCall, with music by her next-door neighbor’s band – the Fabulous Hubcaps! Published 9/28/20. Read about Hope’s garden here.

Above, narration by Katrina Boverman, videography by Susan Harris, music by Fast Eddie and the Slowpokes. Published 9/14/20. Read about Katrina.

Above, narration by Sandra Lange, videography by her son David Barnes. Published 9/5/20. Read about Sandra and her garden.

Above, video by Susan Harris, text by Lesley Kash. Published 8/26/20. Read about Lesley and her garden.

Above, video and narration by Amethyst Dwyer, editing by Susan Harris. Published 8/7/20. Read about Amethyst.

Above, video and editing by Phoebe McFarb, station manager of Greenbelt Access TV. Narration by Susan Harris. Published 8/7/20.  Learn more.

Above, video by Susan Harris, editing by Phoebe McFarb, station manager of Greenbelt Access Television. Published 8/7/20. Read about Melissa..