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Bathroom Renovation Before and After

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"Before" bathroom in Greenbelt Homes Inc

I moved into a block home in Old Greenbelt (from Takoma Park) about six months ago and am finally ready to start showing off the renovations I’m doing. First up, the bathroom, which contained the original 1937 tub and medicine chest but a fairly new sink and vanity cabinet – which I hated. Plus some yucky-colored tile.

Renovated bathroom in Greenbelt Homes Inc
So here’s the new look –  large gray tiles on the floor and tub surround, with gray walls and towels, and dark Shaker-style cabinets (Martha Stewart brand). Plus Mistos plumbing fixtures, a Toto toilet and a new medicine cabinet and light fixture. That’s more like it!

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  1. Susan Harris
    | Reply

    Anne, I never heard of that warning. I DID think – will this make my bathroom look like it’s in a medical facility? But a designer friend told me handrails are standard now – safety first!

  2. Anne
    | Reply

    Hi, Susan (Neighbor up the hill) – I see you have grab bars installed. I was told that I risked pulling the whole wall down if I tried to install them. This information didn’t come from GHI. Should I try again? I’m getting to the point I’d feel a lot more secure with one installed

  3. Susan
    | Reply

    Colette, my contractor did the tilework, and it required removing all the old tile first. He then used a tile-cutter, a LOT. I love how he positioned the tiles so they seemed to continue across each corner. Not sure if it’s obvious in these photos but he also laid them out on the diagonal, which takes longer but I just prefer the look. It also makes the room appear smaller, and you know how tiny this bathroom is.

  4. Colette
    | Reply

    Hi Susan, when you put large tiles like that around the tub, do you have to take out the old tile or can you put it over them? (It’s also never occured to me it was okay to use something other than the standard 4×4 ceramic tiles.) You did this yourself? If so, how’d you cut the half-tiles? You’re giving me ideas… Thanks!

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