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Day Tripping to New York City!

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The “Day Trip” feature on this blog has been for destinations within a 2-hour drive from Greenbelt – until now. Though a 4-hour drive away, the Big Apple gets included because thanks to BoltBus, it’s a very do-able and affordable day trip!

The Details

BoltBus leaves right from the Greenbelt Metro, with the first bus leaving at 7 a.m, which makes a stop in Baltimore and arrives in NYC at about 11:30 a.m. The last bus back to Greenbelt leaves at 5:15 and arrives at a projected 9:30 (though mine arrived at 10:00). That gives you about 5  hours in the city.

The buses are almost plush, very comfy, with wifi, outlets for charging devices, and an okay toilet. (The bus may or may not make a rest stop; it’s at the discretion of the driver.)

The cost is an unbelievable $36 round trip – definitely cheaper than driving, and much more comfortable.

The Downside

The drop-off and pick-up spot at 11th Ave & W. 36th St is horrible! You wait along the sidewalk, no seating, and nothing around but construction.

 My Afternoon in the City

The idea of day-tripping to New York was suggested to me by an art history professor at the UMD, for the purpose of visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which I didn’t. I had other plans for this trip.

Five hours was enough time for me to do all this before catching the bus home:

  • Take a Lyft to the West Village and have lunch with a friend.
  • Walk (20 minutes) to the southern end of the High Line, then stroll the l.5-mile length of the famous elevated park/garden. I’d seen the High Line before, but not since its final leg had been added.
  • Walk to the Empire State Building, which costs about as much to ascend as my round trip to the city.
  • Stop in Macy’s on the way back to the bus pick-up spot – because the building just looks so grand.

Here are some shots of the High Line, which wasn’t at it most colorful in late October but the views from it were amazing (of the city and of the many new buildings arising along the High Line). As always, it was packed with people. I kept my eye out for famous people (you never know) and DID spot Barry Manilow chatting with friends.

High Line in New York City


High Line in New York City asters

Overlook from High Line in NYC

Exterior bus photo credit.

Interior bus photo credit.

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