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Greenbelt Community Church Adapts Quickly to the Shutdown

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by Karen Yoho

The Greenbelt Community Church United Church of Christ quickly embraced technology as the pandemic was declared in our area.

  • We started Facebook Live Sunday worship services on March 15. It was quickly followed by adding Zoom for the faces and involvement of our church family.
  • We have multiple church committee meetings and weekly bible study using Zoom and our pastor, Reverend Glennyce Grindstaff, has offered a daily motivational message on Facebook Live.
  • This week the church will launch weekly concerts via Zoom that Rev. Glennyce is calling “Zoomcerts.” We have many talented musicians who will share that talent on Wednesday evenings.
  • For a special service during Holy Week, Greenbelt Community Church gathered a couple of family groups together to prerecord the service. It’s now available on the church’s new YouTube channel

Here’s our Easter service:

Preparing for re-entry.

This past week, the church has pulled together members to discuss what “reentry” will look like. We can’t just show up when bans are lifted . . . we need to ensure we are safely gathering together and that those groups that use our church spaces feel welcome to return. We are all expecting a new “normal” and want to playfully consider all our options.

Transitioning leadership

It is also a time of transition, as Rev. Glennyce planned for this to be her last Sunday with us and head to retirement. Within a few days of the Stay at Home order being issued by the State of Maryland, she offered to remain on with the church through mid-summer. This act of generosity brings our congregation comfort in that we have her to provide us a strong faith network during this uncertain time, but we also don’t want her to leave without a proper send-off!

Recent worship service, seen on my laptop and Apple TV!
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