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Visiting North Beach in Covid Times – the Video

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Travel times recorded by Google Maps on Saturday 12/19 at 11 am.

Since summer, I’ve taken a few day-trips to North Beach, Maryland, just an hour away but boy, what a change of scene. The water, small lapping waves, seagulls, and a sparse number of other humans. A safe respite.

Like Chris Cherry, the pandemic has steered me toward video-making in lieu of in-person events. I took some fascinating courses in cinematography and editing for story-telling through Udemy (which is free through the Montgomery County Library system, but not our county’s.) Lynda.com also has courses that ARE free through the PG Library website.

I bought a selfie stick (used for the featured shot below), and better speakers for my desktop so I could hear what the hell was going on. And I’ve watched great videos like Chris’s with a new eye – how did he do that shot? Look at that transition, that title! Like Chris, I shoot with just my iPhone. For editing on my PC I use Modavi, which is similar to iMovie – both are easy to use.

And I joined Greenbelt Access TV so I could use its music and sound effects service, a money-saving alternative to subscribing to them myself, and to learn from its teachers and other members.

So it was tons of fun making this short video of my escapes to North Beach on the Chesapeake Bay from July through November of this year.

More Greenbelters Who Love North Beach


I noticed on Facebook that Raven Eyes Cagle loves North Beach, too. This photo is from last summer; she recently bundled up and went back.

And I’d seen praise for North Beach from long-time Greenbelters Ed and Abby Winkler Crowley, so I asked them why. Ed wrote that:

We have lots of great memories.

The water park with our granddaughter.

Taking our boys and dog to Brownie Beach.

Our boys climbing the cliffs.

Playing football with our dog in the bay.

Finding handfuls of sharks teeth in the sand at the bay’s bottom.

I love those images of families playing! So, there’s lots to look forward to when the beaches open up again…hopefully in 2021.

Holiday Light Show at North Beach and Beyond

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, North Beach partners with adjacent Chesapeake¬† Beach and even MD 260 leading to the beaches to create a nice show of holiday lights. Shops are open in the evening, and my favorite Mexican restaurant is open, with fire pits and heaters for its outdoor seating. The only problem is driving home in the dark on unlit country roads – at least with my old eyes.

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