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Pandemic Poetry Moment

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Empty Roosevelt Center and city playground.

“Today I Didn’t…” by Julie Winters

Finish my work and jump into the shower

and put on my favorite purple blouse,

the one with the scooped neck that I hope entices;

I didn’t consider which earrings might match

which bracelet; didn’t hot-roll my hair

like it was still 1987, because lord knows

my hair needs that extra kick sometimes.

I didn’t drive with you to our favorite long, dark bar

and order a slightly dirty martini;

you didn’t order a bloody mary with olives,

if they had them.

We are home: you in yours, and I in mine.

It is quiet.

I miss you

and the ease of noise.


“Body Count” by Rob Baluch

First one down,
how many more to go?
And somewhere in the growing
distance between me and you
An unknown number
becoming another statistic
part of an uncertain tomorrow
Who’s next in line and
what line are you in?
Looking out windows
Staying behind barriers
Seen and unseen
Faces hidden behind masks
Playgrounds don’t play anymore
The silence of inactivity stills the air
And when the last one falls
Will we be the ones left
to keep the count


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  1. Sandra Roberts
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    I loved the poetry. Thanks for collecting to share.

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