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Nice Changes to Southway Entrance Garden

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Southway Median Strip Garden in Greenbelt, Md. Grasses and Black-eyed Susans. Rudbeckia

This year the median strip along Southway, Greenbelt’s historic entrance, has a new look, and it’s a lot more sustainable, too. Environmentally conscious gardeners salute the switch from mostly annuals (like New Guinea impatiens seen below a couple of years ago) to grasses and Black-eyed Susans! Also known as Rudbeckia, the popular perennial is drought-tolerant, long-blooming, cheerful as can be, and the native plant chosen as Maryland’s State Flower.

Southway Garden in Greenbelt, Md

The annuals above needed to be purchased and planted every spring, then watered regularly.  Possibly fertilized, too.

Southway Garden in Greenbelt, Md 2015

Here’s the grand entrance in a shot from 2015, showing that perennial and drought-tolerant Sedums used to be surrounded by thirsty, expensive annuals. Notice how young the crepe myrtles were then.

Southway Garden in Greenbelt, Md

Here’s what that view looks like now, with annuals gone but the addition of temporary signs.

Which makes some wonder if there couldn’t be a special place for such signs, say across the street near the garages. In this photo you see one there, along with the GHI sign.

How about a smaller version of the city’s sensible solution to election year signage overload?


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